Training / Project work

Training / Project work is provided in following areas to students/researchers/teachers.
One Month - Rs 9,000/- only , Two Month - Rs 18,000/- only
Three Month - Rs 25,000 /- only , Six month - Rs 40,000/ only).

Research in following areas is being provided

Biotechnology: Genomic DNA isolation from plant animal cells, plasmid DNA isolation, agarose gel electrophoresis, RE digestion and analysis, PCR, gene cloning, transformation, gene expression, immune response study, apoptosis.

Microbiology:Microbial Cultivation , antimicrobial activity of plant extracts.

Bioinformatics:Data mining, GenBank search, Primer designing, Software used in Biotechnology-DNAStar , Oligo, spdbv, RE mapping, Protein modeling.

Cell culture:Primary cell culture, cell line cultivation, use of cell culture for virus cultivation.

Virology:Virus cultivation in cell culture, virus titration, virus neutralization/serum neutralization test, immune response against virus in animals.

Immunology:Serological reactions, lymphocyte assays etc.

PhD / Masters degree students can do their part research– enquire cost.


Research in following areas is being done.

1. DNA vaccine.
2. r-DNA product development for human use.
3. Anti-apoptosis r-DNA based product for use in human.
4. Adaptation of field viruses in cell culture.
5. Isolation and characterization of microbes and viruses from field for research use.
6. Newer vaccine technologies.

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