Biotechnology Society


1. To train students in Biotechnology from rural and urban areas.

2.To arrange books and education free of cost to poor and helpless students.

3.To establish and run an Institute of Biotechnology to provide facilities for research, education and training in the area of biotechnology.

4.To organize annual conference in biotechnology.

5. To arrange appropriate courses for training in are of biotechnology.

6.To establish a firm for production of recombinant DNA ased biologicals for use in animals and man with emphasis on rural population and reasonable cost.

7.To assist and participate in various projects of Government of India and the State for the popularization of biotechnology.

8.To collaborate with advanced and outstanding institutes and persons in the area of biotechnology.

9.To adopt and assist the beneficial projects run by the Government of India and the State from time to time for the benefit and education of students.

10.The Society will do education development by opening schools under clause 1 & 20.

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