Welcome to Biotechnology Society

Biotechnology Society, registered under article 21 of Societies Registration Act 1860, Reg. No. 152/2007, is a non-profit, non- Governmental, non-religious organization fully devoted to the cause of Biotechnology development in India. India can achieve excellence in all fields if development activities are based utilizing the biological and technological aspects of knowledge. We are committed to the development of rural area and economically needy people - farmers, livestock owners, students, etc .

Our Mission

1. Uplift of rural and urban people especially economically needy, the student community, the researchers, farmers and to develop linkages with vaccine manufacturers, private R&D organizations.

2. Publication of e-journal Biotechnology International. www.bti.org.in

3. To run Institute of Biotechnology (IBT)for uplift of rural India- www.facebook.com/ibitbareilly

4. To run a firm for production of r-DNA based Biologicals for use in animals and man with emphasis on rural population and reasonable cost-Genetech- www.facebook.com/genetechbareilly

5. To run Medical Institute for the benefit of rural people